Official Synopsis: When Dres from the legendary group Black Sheep and super producer Stu Bangas teamed up to make the Sheep Stu album, they decided to market it in a unique way. They decided to put out one music video per week in the 4 weeks prior to the album’s launch.

Type Of Project: Music video

Director: Afotey Annum

Writer: Dres

Producer: Stu Bangas

Budget: Undisclosed

Shooting Format: Digital, anamorphic

Dres hired Per Annum Media to work on this project, as he had seen some of the work we have done for other artists such as KRS-ONE and Queen Latifah. The timeline for turnaround was very short; pre-production was limited to a couple of conversations about overall desired look and feel.

We put together some preliminary mood boards and worked closely with the artists to come up with cinematic solutions that fit the clients’ desired look and feel for two videos.


We were able to create two distinct music videos for the songs “Hate” and “Killin’ It (For A Lil Bit)“. Both these videos were launched on time to coincide with the release schedule of each single, and both videos were conceptualized, shot, edited, and released all within one week. All work was done internally by Afotey Annum for Per Annum Media.

Lasting Impact: Both videos increased overall view counts and general awareness of the overall Sheep Stu album, resulting in more pre-order sales via the official website for the project. Additionally, both artists were incredibly pleased with the final products, leading to further collaboration on future projects.

The finished projects are below.

Dres + Stu Bangas – Hate Official Music Video

Dres + Stu Bangas – Killin’ It Official Music Video


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